The Gift of Life

This leaflet has been prepared to help those who may be seeking guidance and understanding regarding organ donation. View the filipino/tagalog version

Will everything possible be done to save life?
Everything medically possible has and will continue to be done for you or your loved one. Doctors who are not responsible for transplantation pronounce death only after established medical criteria have been met and it has absolutely determined that there is no hope of recovery.

How long must the respirator be kept on after death?
Machine ventilation will continue until the organs are removed. Without the respirator, oxygenated blood could not reach the organs and they would not be suitable for transplantation.

What do the religious groups say about transplantation?
You are encouraged to talk to your religious adviser, if you need some guidance. The leading members of all religious groups support organ donation on the basis that this is essentially a Gift of Life to another.

Will the funeral be delayed
Every effort will be made to ensure that there is no unnecessary delay in making funeral arrangements.

Is the body disfigured by organ donation?
No. The operation is carried out under standard sterile conditions in an operating room by a full surgical team. The body is treated with full respect and reverence.

What will happen after the organs have been removed?
The same procedure will be followed as with any person who dies in a hospital. If you wish to see the body after surgery, you have only to consult with your doctor who will make the appropriate arrangements.

Who will receive the organs for transplantation?
Recipients are determined by ABO group and as necessary by tissue characteristics without regard to sex, race, or creed.

How will you know who the recipients are and if the transplants are successful?
It is not standard practice to divulge names and addresses of patients. Hospital personnel are notified in writing as to where the organs were transplanted. If you wish, you will be given this information.

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